TAMS Introduction – TAV Technologies

What is TAV Technologies TAMS?

Airport operations are highly complex and need to be carried by sophisticated IT systems and the communication between these systems is crucial for seamless operation.

TAV Technologies presents Next Generation Airport Management, Total Airport Management Suite (TAMS) which is a central platform for total airport management including all landside and airside processes aligned with existing systems, integrating them into one holistic architecture.

TAMS is an integrated platform featuring multiple solutions; covering flight management, airport resource management, capacity planning, commercial management and ground handling services.

The system uses state-of-the-art technologies such as flight delay predictions for efficient resource planning and helps airports to take better decisions. Automation features can handle operational tasks with a distinct algorithm and ruleset, minimizing human error and task load for operators. The system augments user decisions and aims to minimize user intervention for increased operational performance. AI-based suggestion engines will help airports to leverage ‘what-if’ scenario planning and simulation tools, ensuring evolution from reactive approach towards pro-active collaborative decision making. This evolution will help airports to respond to problems with a new way of thinking for predictive collaboration.

  • Operational Excellence
  • Revenue Enhancement
  • Increased Productivity
TAMS Features – TAV Technologies
TAMS Features – TAV Technologies
TAMS Features – TAV Technologies
TAMS Features – TAV Technologies
Holistic approach for next-generation airport management

A Total Airport
Management Suite;

  • Industry Leading Technology
    Industry Leading Technology
  • Simulation What-if Tools
    Simulation What-if Tools
  • Optimization Engine
    Optimization Engine
  • Mobile Apps
    Mobile Apps
  • Revolutionary UX-UI
    Revolutionary UX-UI
  • Real-time KPI Monitoring
    Real-time KPI Monitoring
  • Predictions & Suggestions
    Predictions & Suggestions
  • Cloud Enabled
    Cloud Enabled
  • Modular Architecture
    Modular Architecture
  • Integration Features
    Integration Features

TAMS Modules (Total Airport Management Suite)

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Airport Collaborative Decision Making

Better decisions, enhanced collaboration, predictable airports

Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) is about stakeholders working together and making decisions based on accurate and high-quality information. Every bit of data is shared in real-time for every partner involved. The platform ensures optimum use of resources and improved event punctuality, as well as increased predictability as a result.

TAV Technologies A-CDM platform is fully compliant with the Eurocontrol’s A-CDM concept. The system provides reliable and dependable platform on which information can be shared between all stakeholders; such as, Aviation Authorities, Airline Operators, Airport Operators, Ground Handling Service Companies, ATC, and the NMOC. TAV Technologies A-CDM facilitates the optimum handling of the turn-round process at airports.

Beyond complying with Eurocontrol’s current CDM concept, TAV Technologies A-CDM provides flexibility in order to accommodate future extensions to the concept. With its advanced KPI and milestone monitoring and process management functionalities, the system provides advanced performance to manage and monitor the turn-round process effectively for improved operational efficiency.

TAV Technologies A-CDM directly helps reducing delays and taxi times, improving punctuality and also ensures optimized resource utilization. It orchestrates all stakeholders for better on-time performance, lower fuel consumption, and a more predictable airport while highlighting irregularities in operations and decreases the response time.


Travel Document Authorization System

Enhanced security with passenger boarding pass verification

TAV Technologies Travel Document Authorization System (TDAS) uses real-time data to instantaneously verify or deny passenger clearance against airport and airline systems. The system strengthens security while reducing queues and provides valuable data for improving the passenger experience and airport operations.

Travel Document Authorization System (TDAS) provides fast, efficient security check-point verification and ensures a valid boarding pass to access to a zone based on business rules. The system automates passenger screening using boarding pass scanners and can be deployed as a self-service or agent assisted with e-gates or handheld mobile terminal equipment. It enforces regulations easily and reduce potential security breaches, and also provides an additional source of information for ground handling companies or airlines to gain insight about passenger location. 


Commercial Management System

All-in-one billing solution for aero and non-aero revenue management

Commercial Management System helps to manage aeronautical and non-aeronautical revenues with customer contract management, tariff-rule management, rental area and utility management, invoicing and reporting at the airports.

TAV Technologies Commercial Management System’s (CMS) user friendly interface helps to define the most complex formulas in Tariff Module that calculates revenues accurately for all aeronautical and non-aeronautical services an airport provides, without development support.

It has the ability to connect with Airport Operational Data Base to collect all data related to aeronautical operations.

Rental Area and Utility Management module helps to eliminate human error in calculating non-aeronautical revenues with customer contracts.

TAV Technologies CMS can integrate with different ERP systems to send/ receive financial data to create accurate accounting records. It provides data consistency across all systems and customer reports, which cover both operational and financial data together.


Passenger Flow Management System

Smart passenger flow and queue management technology for enhanced experience

Passenger Flow Management System helps to enhance passenger experience in the airport by reducing and eliminating bottlenecks. It improves ground operations for airlines and enables non-aeronautical revenue streams.

TAV Technologies Passenger Flow Management System (PFMS) gives users the ability to set complex definitions and rules. It integrates and collects necessary data from other related systems, such as Queue Management System, Travel Document Authorization System, etc. This data is combined with the passenger simulation data to forecast the reasons for the bottlenecks at the specific touchpoints of the airport.

The system gives suggestions to reduce passenger waiting times, queue lengths, and occupancy at specific points. Thus, it improves the overall passenger experience.

TAV Technologies PFMS was designed by innovative technologies such as biometrics, block chain, AI and AR/VR.


Resource Management System

Optimize daily operations, maximize utilization of resources

Resource Management System (RMS) allows airports to plan and manage resources (e.g.stands, gates, check-in desks, baggage belts, and chutes) in an optimum way.

RMS provides the most effective and efficient use of existing resource capacities to meet business requirements, taking into account operational constraints.

TAV Technologies Resource Management System offers an easy-to-use and user-friendly platform that provides monitoring, tracking, management, and optimization of an airport's resources. Advanced multiple KPI optimization engine, advanced rules, and custom configurations ensure automatic planning, which works continuously or periodically, ensuring maximized resource utilization.

Simultaneous planning and management of more than one airport is possible by multi-airport management from a single point. With the help of flexible and advanced resource, rule, and configuration structure, custom resources can be created and managed effortlessly. The next generation RMS allows manual resource allocation via apron layout, thus enabling a more accurate manual planning with an overview of the instant apron view. With the Intelligent Conflict Resolution feature, the errors that can cause costs are minimized. The system identifies possible bottlenecks and predicts real capacity by running the alternative rule sets by its What-if scenario planning feature. The system can work according to the selected or integrated scenario rule sets if desired.


Ground Handling Suite

Next-generation ground handling and turnaround management

Ground Handling Suite (GHS) offers optimum resource planning by taking into account the constraints of mobile resources and equipment that will perform ground handling services while increasing the efficiency and reducing the costs.

TAV Technologies Ground Handling Suite (GHS) calculates the current workloads of ground operations and determines the needs for personnel and equipment, taking labor law requirements, legal obligations, and operational constraints in the shift into account. While GHS offers the possibility to create shift planning according to different KPIs, it also compares plans with each other and suggests the most optimum strategy to the user. The systems’ planning capabilities increase resource efficiency and reduces costs.

GHS reacts quickly to flight updates at the time of the operation and ensures that the operation is carried out according to the current data. While the system can create workloads with statistical analysis and forecasting and proportional estimation, it can also create a flight-based and stacked workload. Tasks and resources can be easily monitored and managed during the operation.


Slot Coordination and Management System

Excellent planning of slots and capacity at every point

Slot Coordination and Management System (SCMS) allows airport slot coordinators and capacity planners to manage and monitor airport capacity in full compliance with IATA standards. The system offers a holistic approach to capacity management, considering the complex environment of airports.

TAV Technologies Slot Coordination and Management System (SCMS) offers slot coordinators the opportunity to view, manage, and evaluate the demands of airlines by considering airport capacity and provides an environment to negotiate. The system’s user-friendly screens allow easy management and monitoring of slot requests from airlines. SCMS can work integrated with other airport systems including Flight Management and Resource Management Systems ensuring that approved seasonal flight data automatically shared with all other systems. By the advanced communication methods of SCMS, the messaging process between airport coordinators and airlines is accelerated, enabling airlines to alternate among online access to the system, Type-B, and email messaging. With its advanced notification structure, Slot coordinators are informed, allowing the coordinators to take proactive or corrective actions. SCMS also helps to make slot management by considering historical rights.


Capacity Planner

Optimized capacity planning with intelligent forecasting

Capacity Planner System (CPS) offers remarkable efficiency in capacity management and the best possible performance in slot coordination. It is built on the vast experience accrued at numerous airports. The system addresses the real operational and planning needs of slot coordinators and airport capacity planners.

TAV Technologies Capacity Planner System (CPS) offers a set of applications for airport slot planners and coordinators to make better assessments and decisions that ensure optimal outcomes, substantially improved capacity management, monitoring, and optimization capability. CPS helps to identify operational bottlenecks and manage airport capacity most efficiently by making a capacity calculation. It helps problem solving and decision-making processes to be more effective by its user-friendly interface. CPS provides operational speed to slot coordinators with the help of easy-to-use graphic screens for improved capacity allocation. Advanced Graphical User Interface (GUI) allows users to be notified dynamically by displaying updated notifications and alerts simultaneously. CPS evaluates slot allocation alternatives based on resource availability and a predefined rule set, then offers the best solution by using an Advanced Optimization Modeling Algorithm.



High efficiency with computer-based passenger flow modeling and simulation

Airports are increasingly focusing on the total airport management (TAM) approach by integrating not only airside but also landside operations to improve the efficient management of airport resources. Therefore, it is essential to have a clear understanding of the passengers’ flow through the airport and predict their behavior. Simulation (SIM) is a computer-based flow modeling application which helps the airport operators to simulate passenger flow within the airport to detect bottlenecks and organize airport capacity and resources in a pro-active way.

TAV Technologies Simulation (SIM) allows analysis of airport capacity by running alternative scenarios. The application helps to make better decisions by planning multiple iterative situations for balancing the overall airport capacity. It also helps to predict the future state of the airport by analyzing and monitoring passenger flows in a virtual environment. Thanks to 2D Airport Terminal Flow Designer, it is possible to simulate the end-to-end operation with different scenarios.

The application shows the most realistic results analyzing the passenger load generator, passenger pattern & throughput configurations, waiting time, and queue calculations. This feature simulates the airport operation helping operators to be pro-active in identifying possible bottlenecks with clear visuals. SIM application helps to determine the best ways for fully utilizing airport resources at the lowest possible cost.


Flight Management System

Accurate and timely flight data for better decision making and airport performance

Flight Management System allows to manage airports' complex flight data with high-performance, visualized, user-friendly, and customizable configuration structures in real-time.

TAV Technologies Flight Management System (FMS) can be configured to fit any type of airport operation. It reduces the operation costs and optimizes the labor force by its automated and smart structure. The system is ready to connect and get the most recent flight data from airport stakeholders with all known standard messaging formats. FMS informs the user about the possible problems within the airport and assists operators in taking pro-active measures, using its smart algorithms and advanced warning systems. FMS provides real-time performance to all employees of the airport with the operational dashboard created with live flight data. FMS grants access to all airports from a single application with its multi-airport operation feature.


Flight Information Display System

Keep your passengers informed and up-to-date

TAV Technologies Flight Information Display System enables airports to design their templates without any design and coding knowledge with its user-friendly design editor to serve passengers.

TAV Technologies Flight Information Display System (FIDS) is designed in such a way that users can easily configure the FIDS monitors’ template at the airport. The design editor feature enables users to observe how their design is displayed on the FIDS screen while they are designing simultaneously.

Professional templates can be created without any design and software knowledge by using drag & drop visual design editor. The system can also serve marketing and advertising activities to passengers with its easy to use interface. It has the ability to provide live information to the passengers about their destinations. FIDS‘s web-based application supports common web browsers (such as Chrome, Firefox). The system can also share flight information with stakeholders such as hotels, shopping malls, etc. The system can be integrated with well-known Public Address System brands on the market, enabling manual or automatic message broadcasts in different languages.

TAMS Modules – TAV Technologies
Always win with TAV Technologies

TAMS Structure (Total Airport Management Suite)

Milestone Approach Optimization Mobile Resouce Mgmt. What-if Scenario Tariff Mgmt. Design Editor Airpot Flow Mgmt. Passenger Verification PAX Flow Monitoring Slot Mgmt.
Workflow Mgmt. Resource Planning Workflow Mgmt. Capacity Planning Aero & Non-Aero Billing Device Mgmt. Live Data Impact PAX List Heatmaps Automatic Offer
Flight Management System Slot Mgmt.
Data Management
Integration Service
Dynamic Rule Management Configurable Business Logic Workflow Management KPI Based Optimization Real-Time Monitoring
Advanced Security User Management Cloud Layer Microservices & Containers Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
Common Frameworks

Revolutionary UX/UI

Real-Time dashboards offers single portal that is customizable for every operational need and ensures Real-time Common Situational Awareness.

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Advanced Flight
Management System

Flight Management System allows to manage airports' complex flight data with high-performance, visualized, user-friendly, and customizable configuration structures in real-time.

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Dynamic Real-Time

Advanced Graphical User Interface (GUI) allows users to be notified dynamically by displaying updated notifications and alerts simultaneously.

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Single Application for
Multiple Airports

Access to all your Airports data from a single application with Multi Airport support.

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Active Rule Management

Fast and efficient rule management for complex business needs. Simplify rules and configurations.

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Filter Your Data

Filter your data with advanced filtering features, take fast actions and avoid possible bottlenecks.

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Personalized Customizable GUI

Customize the way the portal notifies you and always have the perfect situational awareness.

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